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About me


For as long as I can remember, like most little girls, I was obsessed with babies. As I got older and more aware of the pregnancy process I became in awe of the amazing abilities the woman's body is capable of. Just the sight of a pregnant woman gave me pride in being a woman myself. 


The first birth I attended was the birth of my niece in 2003 which awakened a new and overwhelmingly strong desire to make birth somehow apart of my life. Ever since, I've attended many births as a helper and friend. At the time I did not know what a doula was or that I was already learning to be one. But I did believe this was a natural place for me to be. Over the years I heard more about this line of work but didn't know how to fit it into my existing life style. In 2013, after a life-changing experience, I re-examined  my life. Finally in January 2015 I got my DONA Birth Doula training at Douglas College


I am currently working with South Community Birth Program ( which has given me many opportunities to learn from more experiencned Doulas and gained much more hands on experiences of my own. I used to work outside of being a doula but I've decided to continue my education in this line of work. In the Fall of 2016 I completed a Breastfeeding workshop in order to be of assistance to moms and babies after the delivery. In February 2017 I started taking the Cultural Doula Program (CDP) which is a year long program lead by Gena Kirby and many other amazing and highly trained individuals which further enriches my skills and knowledge.


I never imagined that one day I would be fulfilling my life-long dream of being involved in the beautiful beginnings of life and love.





Kristin Momene

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Free consultation:
Contact me and arrange a time to meet and decide if we are a good match
Services Include:
-After our first meet and greet, my services include a secondary visit prenatal 1-2 hours.
-Early labour stages at home to assist with positioning, pain management and emotional support.
-Entire Labour and delivery regardless of length. (backup doula in-waiting if needed)
-One postpartum visit 1-2 hours.
-Access via email or text 24/7 to answer any of your questions or just to chat.
-Birth photography by donation (suggested $100)
The entire birth 
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